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"While some of the technology and function of hearing aids and Personal Sound Amplifier Products may be similar,” our goal is to provide amplifiers for recreational, social, and business use which are the best ear level electronics in the marketplace.

FocusEar products are simple to use, comfortable, inconspicuous and easy to wear and maintain. Looking for a better listening experience or need help with competing noise environments? FocusEar turns ordinary hearing into extraordinary hearing and will benefit most people in need of hearing assistance. FocusEar allows you to hear normal sounds with more clarity.


Behind The Ear

The BTE uses a tube and an ear dome to allow sound to travel from the unit into the ear canal. The unit sits behind the pinna (ear) with the tube coming down the front into the ear dome. The BTE is discreet and comfortable and the unit comes in multiple colors to match hair or skin tone.

Inside The Ear Style

The ITE PSAP’s are our smallest instruments and one of the smallest on the market. It is also one of the first completely-in-the-ear Personal Sound Amplification Product that offers pre-programmed options. The FocusEar ITE resolves the hearing challenges of almost everyone.

Feature PAL RS1 RS2 RS3
100% Digital Processing
Multiple Listening Modes
Manual Volume Control  
Noise Reduction Circuitry 3X AUTO
Anti-Whistle Technology ADV ELITE
Telephone Mode  
Speech Enhancement
Wind Mode / Screen  
Bands & Channels 14 14 16 40