• How long is the warranty?
    One year. See the warranty page for more details.
  • How are these programmed to my hearing?
    The advanced circuitry analyzes all sounds and does not amplify the loud ones. It only amplifies the soft sounds which are most difficult to hear. You have a manual volume control to change the levels until comfortable.
  • How long do the batteries last?
    FocusEar uses hearing aid batteries. 100 hours is the simplest answer….about 5-7 days depending on use conditions.
  • Are FocusEar products digital?
    Yes, these are 100% digital hearing devices.
    All FocusEar devices include state of the ear feedback suppression circuitry.
  • How does “One size fit all?
    FocusEar BTEs contain a variety of tip and tubing sizes to accommodate most ears, Right and Left.
    FocusEar ITEs are designed to fit a great majority of ear canals when properly inserted.
    The wearer has adjustable settings to change the volume and/or the mode to provide more comfort for a wide range of listeners.
  • Can I use just one FocusEar, or do I need one for each ear?
    The majority of customers will find that two ears are better than one. Our ears work together to help determine what sounds are, and where they come from.
    The majority of customers will want to try one, and then if it shows promise, they will buy another.
  • Will FocusEar plug up my ears?
    FocusEar BTEs are meant to leave the ear open so that you do not get that plugged up feeling. This situation helps to amplify the higher frequencies associated with womens and childrens voices. Different tips are available to help increase the loudness without feedback.
    FocusEar ITEs are meant to leave the ear open as well, but may “partially” plug up your ears. This may generate a little plugged up sensation, but usually is unnoticeable.
  • Which device do I use? The BTE or ITE?
    If the customer is using a hearing device, stay with the same product type unless they are currently having dexterity issues, or feel plugged up.
    If they feel plugged up, go to the open BTE.
    The BTE has a more robust volume control range, and is comfortable just behind the ear.
    The ITE has less volume control, but is very hidden.
  • Will insurance cover the cost of a FocusEar?
    Unfortunately not. Most private US health care providers do not provide coverage for hearing devices and neither does Medicare. Verify with an accountant before trying to deduct FocusEar as a medical expense.
  • How do I know if I will benefit from FocusEar?
    You have trouble focusing on the television and in turn raise the volume too high for others to enjoy.
    You have trouble focusing or understanding what was said when there is lots of background noise.
    Your family members are constantly repeating what they say.
    You have trouble focusing on telephone conversation.
    You avoid going to restaurants or social gatherings.
    Your family seems to be losing interest in conversing.
  • How do I store my FocusEar when I am not wearing it?
    Keep the FocusEar in a safe and dry location preferably in the storage box provided. Keep the battery door open to allow it to dry out at night, and keep it away from children and pets.