Why Use FocusEar?

If you were exposed to loud sounds, you would seek hearing protection. At the other end of the sound spectrum, are difficult to hear sounds.

Sounds are hard to hear for a variety of reasons usually related to one of two conditions: Either the sound is softer than you want to hear it normally, or there is competing noise which makes the signal hard to understand.

FocusEar is an elite brand of Personal Sound Amplifier Product (PSAP). PSAP’s are intended to improve a normal hearing condition in difficult situations.


Lectures with distant speakers

Hear the professor from the back of the room.


Hear the TV at lower volumes or even while your spouse is sleeping.

Social Events

Hear more in public where too much ambient noise is present.

Church / Worship

No need to get there early just to get a close seat, hear from the back row.


Movie Theatre

Enjoy movies again, hear every word of the next big blockbuster.


Curious how private investigators work? Hear conversations from across the room!

Music / Concerts

Whether it is in the comfort of your own home or out at a concert you can hear music the way you should.

Anywhere you want a boost

Whenever or wherever you need an audible boost, FocusEar is there for you.