FocusEar advanced in the ear sound amplification solution for hearing conversations in noisy environments that is discreet, powerful and does not look like a hearing aid. FocusEar's RS3 fits completely in the ear, making it virtually invisible.

The RS3 is one of the first completely in the ear with instant fit PSAP that offers pre-programmed options to improve your ability to focus on the important sounds you want to hear.
FocusEar's digital processing technology features premium noise reduction and speech enhancement. Adaptive feedback control helps reduce annoying feedback or whistling common with other products. Complete with AirTouch memory function for ease of use, you just tap your ear to switch between 4 noise reduction settings.

The best choice for premium in-ear sound amplification.

Package Includes

  • FocusEar RS3 earpiece
  • 3 Sizes of retention loops
  • Wax guard kit
  • Pack of batteries
  • Travel case


Identifying your RS3

Our unique design provides such a comfortable fit that you won’t even realize it is there.

Discreet and Comfortable

The ITE's small size allows for an extremely discreet and comfortable fit.