The FocusEar PAL™ is the World’s first Personal Amplified Listener with an E-Switch™ volume control.  The PAL puts you in control and provides “best in class” noise and wind reduction for amazing sound.

With the FocusEar PAL you will be able to enjoy conversations in public places with an elegant, discreet and comfortable solution. Worn behind the ear you will not even notice it is there due to its modern design and small size.

FocusEar's digital technology with adaptive noise control reduces background noise for clearer conversations in challenging environments like restaurants, receptions, lectures, church, and more. Feedback and whistling is kept to a minimum through adaptive feedback control. You can set your FocusEar PAL to different situations with 4 pre-set memories for different environments or fine tune the volume with the E-Switch control.

Incorporated in the PAL is a Telecoil mode that allows you to hear signals coming from compatible systems in theaters, auditoriums, cinemas and telephones with clarity and detail.

Package Includes

  • FocusEar PAL earpiece
  • Cleaning tool
  • Pack of batteries
  • Slim tube for left or right ear
  • Extra tips
  • Travel case


Identifying your PAL

Our unique design provides such a comfortable fit that you won’t even realize it is there.

Discreet and Comfortable

The BTE's small size allows for an extremely discreet and comfortable fit.